Want to set your event apart from other events? Want to make it memorable for those attending?

Maybe the answer isn’t to think of something new, but rather something old: live music.

Today most events have recorded music, whether or not they hire a D.J.

A recording of a song is for a world audience. A live performance is for you and your guests. You listen to recorded music everyday. Aren’t you and your guests worthy of live music for your special event or wedding?

Most people won’t remember the chicken dinner that was served or the décor at the venue, but they will remember that there was live music provided by a musician. It’s just not something you experience very often or at all. It’s not necessarily cheaper to default to the fallback choice of having canned music or hiring a D.J. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that having a musician play at your event can be an option that can be accommodated into the average budget.

The familiar saying is still true: everything old is new again! Take your event to the next level. Show your guests that they and the event they are attending are worthy of having live music!