Aug 26

What You Need To Know If You Are Thinking of Having a Pianist At Your Outdoor Event

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1) Whether it's an acoustic piano or an electric one, it's always prudent to place the instrument in an area where it can be protected from the elements. Rain is not a friend to the musician, their sheet music, or their electronic equipment (for example, an electric piano, amplifiers, or microphones). Even gentle breezes can [...]

Nov 20

5 Reasons you should hire a professional musician instead of asking Aunt Mabel or Cousin Ned to play

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Sure it’s cheaper ( or even free) to get friends or relatives to play, but by choosing to go this route you may experience some bumps, detours, or roadblocks you may not have anticipated. 1) A written contract between you and the musician you hire spells out the obligations of both parties. The performer is [...]

Oct 24

Live vs. Recorded Music

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Want to set your event apart from other events? Want to make it memorable for those attending? Maybe the answer isn’t to think of something new, but rather something old: live music. Today most events have recorded music, whether or not they hire a D.J. Most people won’t remember the chicken dinner that was served [...]

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