Yes. For potential clients who are interested in planning a wedding, corporate, or social event, I offer unlimited consultations. These consults are conducted in person, email, or by phone – whichever you prefer!

After we have discussed your musical preferences, I’ll select a list of live piano music to be played at your event. Prefer to select the music yourself? I’m happy to discuss this option in the consultation. If you have certain song requests not mentioned on my repertoire page, I will make every effort to include them at your event!

Music for a cocktail reception usually lasts an hour or longer. Dinner receptions typically require 2 to 3 hours of music, but every event is completely unique.

It’s not really necessary to be present as the rehearsal is mostly to work out the logistics of your ceremony. However, I’m willing to come to your rehearsal (for a small fee) if it would give you peace of mind.

If you’re having fun and enjoying the music so much you don’t want me to leave, you are certainly welcome to ask me if I’m available to stay longer. An extra fee will be required, and payment by cash, cheque, or Interact E-Transfer will be due at that time.

Yes, for engagements that exceed two hours I will take one ten-minute break per hour. I try to schedule these breaks during speeches, toasts, and/or presentations, when live music would generally not be playing. If you prefer, I can play recorded music during my breaks.

No. I have access to a digital keyboard and an amplifier to augment the sound, at no extra charge. I also have a baby grand piano shell that can be used with my electric piano to keep the look elegant, at a cost of $100 per location.

Yes, as long as the venue provides protection from wind and rain.

In the event your venue doesn’t have access to power, I have a portable power pack that gives me off-grid capability.

Absolutely. The piano shell is primarily for aesthetic purposes.

We can find the perfect space at your venue for me to play in. These are the measurements of my piano. Keep in mind that these measurements also allow enough room for me and my bench, so this is the full minimum of space I’ll need.

Keyboard (without the Shell): 60″ wide and 47″ in length

Keyboard with Shell:  5′ 1″ wide and  7′ in length (altogether 35 sq ft)

If the piano at your venue hasn’t been tuned in the last 3 months, I recommend you check with the event coordinator at your facility to arrange for a tuning. Changes in humidity and temperature can cause a piano to go out of tune, and this could affect the quality of the music.

Since the lid on a grand piano may need to be opened to project the sound, it’s not a good idea to place anything on it. Even if it remains closed, objects are at risk of falling over or toppling off the piano due to vibrations in the instrument while it’s being played.

I typically play at events in the greater Edmonton area, but I’m happy to travel to other locations for a fee.

I will always try to maintain a volume level that allows for conversation; if you are not finding this to be the case, and the music is too loud or soft, please let me know.

Yes; there is an additional fee to cover music costs and any rehearsal time necessary.

Yes, I would love to! Whether it’s Christmas music or otherwise, I am willing and able to accommodate your musical preferences and provide you with song sheets/lyrics for a sing-a-long.  

I will send you a contract and place a hold on your date for two weeks. Anyone who asks about your date during this time will be placed on a waiting list. If you return the signed contract along with a 50% non-refundable deposit during that two-week period, your booking will be confirmed. If your contract and deposit are not received by the deadline, the hold on your date will be lifted and I will open the date to other potential clients. In the event that you cancel and I am able to secure another booking on your date, your deposit will be refunded.

Yes, I carry $2,000,000 in commercial general liability insurance.

It would take an exceptionally rare or severe circumstance for me to default on a booking, but in the event that it happens, I would let you know in advance that I wouldn’t be able to make it. In addition, I would also offer to find another live pianist for you. If, on the day of an event, an emergency occurred (e.g. personal injury, death in the family, etc.) you would receive a full refund.

I currently accept cash, cheque, Interac E-Transfer and Paypal.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact her directly. She’s always happy to answer questions and give you more information!

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