Whether it’s an acoustic piano or an electric one, it’s always prudent to place the instrument in an area where it can be protected from the elements. Rain is not a friend to the musician, their sheet music, or their electronic equipment (for example, an electric piano, amplifiers, or microphones). Even gentle breezes can be a challenge to keep sheet music in place.

Sun and shade: it’s always helpful and appreciated if the pianist is not looking into the sun and is in the shade when temperatures climb.

If the keyboard will be placed on grass, near shrubs or played in the evening, consider spraying the area for mosquitos (it takes 2 hands to play the piano, not one hand to play, and one to swat at the bugs – not the best musical performance from your pianist!)

If your function occurs in the evening, ensure there is adequate lighting so the musician can see their music and the keys.

Ask potential musicians if they have the means for amplification in keeping with the size of your venue and number of guests. As well, be familiar with the noise by-laws of your area.

Electric pianos need electricity! They need access to a power outlet, a generator, or a battery source (the latter of which I can provide).

What does the musician have to contend with in moving to the performance site: is there stairs, uneven walkways, a long distance from their vehicle to where they are to set up, for example? Some pianists will add a surcharge if it is challenging or a lengthy move.

Addressing these issues will help to ensure your outdoor event with live music goes smoothly.